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Hegard Analogue Tachograph Paper

The tachograph charts come in various types and fit all analogue tachographs common on the European market. The product range includes the standard 125 km/h Kombi charts and Kombi and Automatic charts from 100 km/h to 180 km/h, optionally with RPM tracing.

TPA.125K Tachograph Charts Kombi 125 km/h
TPA.100A Tachograph Charts Automatic 100 km/h
TPA.100K Tachograph Charts Kombi 100 km/h
TPA.100-3300A Tachograph Charts Autom. 100 km/h 3.300
TPA.125A Tachograph Charts Automatic 125 km/h
TPA.125K Tachograph Charts Kombi 125 km/h
TPA.125-3300A    Tachograph Charts Autom. 125 km/h 3.300   
TPA.125-3300K Tachograph Charts Kombi 125 km/h 3.300
TPA.140A Tachograph Charts Automatic 140 km/h
TPA.140K Tachograph Charts Kombi 140 km/h
TPA.180A Tachograph Charts Automatic 180 km/h
TPA.HOL Tachograph Holiday Charts


All products are European Union approved.


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